Low-cost fixed solar-powered aeration for rivers and lakes

Problem: provide aeration to polluted rivers and lakes to increase dissolved oxygen levels


Solution summary: Air pumps sited on banks at intervals of around 500-1000m. The pumps used will deliver 138L of air per minute. Powered using solar panels for daytime usage.

Parts required:
1. Hakko HK-120 Linear air pump: Voltage AC 115/120, Power 126W, Cost $470USD http://www.hakkoairpumps.com/subcat12.html
2. 12 Volt Suntaqe PWB Inverter Controller: output power 150W, output voltage AC 120, input voltage 10-15V, Cost $140USD http://store.mwands.com/charge-controllers/12-volt-suntaqe-pwb-charge-controller-with-inverter/
3. Kyocera 140W Polycrystalline Solar Panel KD140GX-LFBS: output power 140W, voltage max 17.7V, cost $277USD http://www.pvpower.com/kyocera-140w-solar-panel-kd140gx-lpu.aspx
4. PVC pipe, hose, plywood frame, concrete for support, cables, plastic housing: cost £100-200

Total cost per pumping station: around £800

Very similar project that has been successfully implemented:

* will add more later


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