Robot-boat hull design

How will the hull of the robot boat be constructed?

Remember it has to contain a fountain in the case of the aeration-boat! A catamaran (two hulls) design might be successful, with the fountain at the rear between two hulls, and sensors etc
at the front. A single hull design could feasibly have a fountain in the centre

Could the hulls be made from old plastic bottles?

Or should the entire boat be 3d printed? The hulls could still contain plastic bottles – perhaps filled with CO2.


Some of the interesting ideas for hull design I have come across:
1. Cooperative Robotic Watercrafts – single hull; and you can see a DO sensor taped to side. Using fan for propulsion eliminates risk of entangles in weed/trash etc

2. Waveglider Robot Ocean-going Boat

See http://liquidr.com/technology/waveglider/sv3.html


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